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I’m Ian, an emerging Industrial Designer based in Toronto. I’m nearing the end of my degree at OCAD U, and in April 2019 I’ll have majored in Industrial Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

My whole life has been about building and design. I’ve been fuelled by design problems and solutions since I was young. Now, OCAD U has provided the theoretical foundation to compliment my background in prototyping and fabrication. With an extensive knowledge in both, as well as increasing experience in strategic foresight and service design, I’m aiming to bridge the gap between the tried and true solutions of the past, with the emerging opportunities of the future.

My skills, education, and work experience have taught me how to learn quickly, and be outcome-focused and agile. I’m no stranger to atmospheres requiring prioritization, time management and delivery under pressure- in fact I thrive in them. I hope to say hi in person, and look forward to bringing indispensable value to your team.

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